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"I had been using one of the big name VPN providers for a number of years, but got increasingly tired of being blocked on an increasing number of websites. Not a problem with this VPN!"

What is a Residential VPN?

A Residential VPN is a VPN that uses IP addresses from home/residential broadband providers, rather than hosting or data-centre providers.

An increasing number of websites now block access from the more traditional, or hosting / data-centre, type of VPNs. Using a VPN with a Residential IP makes your VPN appear more like a regular, home broadband connection.

A VPN with a Residential IP means you can access streaming sites, that otherwise block the more traditional 'big name' VPN providers. Or, you can work remotely - from anywhere - whilst still appearing to be using a UK BT broadband connection. If sports betting, gaming, or playing poker is more your thing a Residential VPN is also ideal for this as well!

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BT Residential IP
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a Residential IP VPN better?

If you have used a VPN previously, you most likely found that you were blocked from accessing some websites. This is because many websites now restrict access to home broadband networks only.

By using our UK Residential VPN service, we provide you with an IP address from the biggest home broadband supplier in the UK, BT. By using BT IP addresses you will be able to access websites that otherwise aggressively block the more traditional VPNs.

So whether you're looking to access UK streaming websites, or UK poker/gambling/betting websites, or simply working remotely. Our UK Residential IP VPN will always make you look like a UK home broadband user, rather than a VPN user.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, JCB, Discover, Diners Club and China UnionPay

Including Apple Pay, Google Pay and Stripe Link.

What is the difference between Shared IP and Dedicated IP?

Quite simply, the Shared IP account means you will share the IP address with up to 5 other customers. The Dedicated IP account you will be the only user of the provided IP address.

Shared IP address services are fine for accessing streaming websites and many other UK restricted sites and services.

However, if you're looking to access poker/betting/gambling sites, we would advise you use a Dedicated IP address. This is to ensure that you are not potentially impacted by other users, as many poker/betting/gambling sites do not allow more than 1 or 2 users per IP address. If you consider 1 IP address is the same as a home broadband connection, it is not normal for more than 1-2 users, with different accounts, per household, to access such services.

I need a UK Static IP VPN to work remotely, is this service suitable?

Absolutely. Our UK Residential VPN service can make you appear to be using a BT UK home broadband connection, even when you're not.

With many people now working remotely, using our UK Residential VPN service opens up many possibilities. If you need to travel, but need to retain a UK residential IP address, this service is perfect to achieve just that. When you log into your company networks remotely, they will see a UK BT IP address, the same as if you were using a BT broadband connection at home.

Many freelancers and contractors need to work on other company networks, often to do this they require a static IP address so that their access can be restricted for security. Our UK Residential VPN service is perfect for that.

Can I change the IP address, if it becomes blocked from XYZ?

No. Just to be 100% clear, we do not provide accounts, IPs, VPNs for nefarious purposes.

This service is aimed at people that require continued use of a static IP address. If there is a chance that you will get the IP address blocked, by your intended use/actions, it is not the right service for you.

This service should only be used in the same way you would use your home broadband connection. Abuse of this service is not tolerated, accounts that breach our acceptable usage policy will be cancelled without refund.

If you need to frequently change IP addresses, or there is a risk of IP addresses becoming blocked, you should look at our 'UK Mobile Proxy' service instead. On the 'UK Mobile Proxy' service you can change the IP address at will, over 100 unique IP addresses per day and 450+ total IP change per day are possible.

Can this service be used on a VPN router?

Yes! Providing it supports OpenVPN 2.4 or above, it can be used on a VPN router. We would  recommend either GL.iNet or Asus routers for this, Asus routers thatcan be upgraded to run an enhanced firmware called Merlin.

Our personal choice, is something like the GL.iNet AX1800 - this router is 'good' for about 100Mbps OpenVPN speeds, in terms of the router processing capabilities.  Some links below:

GL.iNet Main site
Amazon UK

Our setup guide for GL.iNet routers is included below:

StreamVia Residential IP VPN GL.iNet Setup Guide

Can I use this service on a Fire TV, Apple TV, Smart TV, etc?

Yes, but you will need a VPN router to do so. We provide configuration files that can be easily uploaded to any compatible OpenVPN 2.4 router.

Using a VPN router makes things simple: the VPN router connects the VPN, any devices then connected to the VPN router wifi or cabled ports then access the VPN.

See the point above for our recommended models.

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